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Who we are

Established in 2015 by a team of professionals in the oil and gas, power, water and municipal markets in the GCC, United Synergy is dedicated to become the industry leading specialized and dedicated business development consultancy service to industrial Partners.

Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, with Associations in Kuwait, Oman, and Saudi Arabia we use our 40+ years experience in the market place to add strategic value to our partners by offering unrivalled market intelligence and business support to become fully integrated with them to effectively become their local business development team.

Director's Message

I Believe in Synergy

A motto that I carried to heart all my life and a strong belief that POWER is in UNITY, is the key in making a big imprint in the global market, requiring great Synergy, harmony, communication, research, loyalty, professionalism, and combined efforts.

— Ahmad Raad

Our services

Business development

Our services of Business Development comprises a number of tasks and processes aiming to develop and implement growth opportunities for our partners. Our aim is to create long-term value for each one of our partners from customers, by utilising our understanding of this very competitive market place.

Sales and marketing

Sales and Marketing services is where we excel as a company. By combining our 40 years+ experience in the region, we use rigorous analysis and a deep understanding of market processes to unlock the barriers to entry across a number of market places. Our mission is to leverage our deep insight into consumers and customers across all the Middle East to create business opportunities for our partners.

Representative office

We act and operate as your representative office in the Middle East region, offering all the benefits of a physical office and a highly qualified and experienced team of consultants available for you. This allows your company international expansion of its business operations while minimizing costs.

Market intelligence

United Synergy give our partners an enhanced understanding of markets and consumers in the MENA region. Using both on-line and off-line approaches, we generate the insights that allow our clients to understand the region and generate new business opportunities.

Company registration

For the past 40 years our experienced team have been helping and advising international companies across all industries to successfully register and approve their own companies in the GCC countries meeting all the legal requirements and developing business in the smoothest and shortest time possible.


It is critical to understand how you compare in your respective business both in operational and financial performance in order to accurately assess your own performance and areas to grow. United Synergy views benchmarking as a proven way for an organization to learn about the best international practices, functions and processes.

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